The restaurants Origen and El Racó de l’Arnau are the winners of the 4th edition of Citrus Gastronomic Competition of Palmera.

A total of twelve restaurants took part in the competition organised by the Palmera Town Council and Todolí Citrus Fundació.


Once again this year, the Town Council of Palmera (La Safor), in collaboration with the Todolí Citrus Foundation, held the 4th edition of the Citrus Gastronomic Competition on Monday 11th March 2024. Rafael Verdú, in charge of the restaurant Origen (Carcaixent), was the winner in both sweet and savoury dishes, sharing the award for dessert with Vicent Sanchís, from the restaurant El Racó de l’Arnau (Valencia).


The event was attended by Cristina Moreno, Regional Secretary for Tourism, as well as the Councillor for Culture, Festivals and Tourism of the Palmera Town Council, Mari Català, and the Mayor of Palmera, Álvaro Català. The political representatives were in charge of awarding the prizes: 1000€ for the savoury dish and 800€ for the best dessert, as well as a sculpture by the international artist and gastronome Carles Tarrassó.


Origen presented as a savoury dish a semi-cured and smoked sea bass and pickled artichoke, using various citrus fruits such as Spanish lime and Sorrento lemon. For dessert, a caramelised apple tatin cake with sugar and orange juice with chocolate, lime ice cream and a crunchy orange meringue, accompanied by a “ginger beer” version with mandarins and lemonquat. El Racó de l’Arnau presented a sweet dish of sheep’s milk citrus curd cheese with yuzu, lime and celery ice cream, accompanied by crispy lime, honey and citrus segments.



The jury was made up of Juan Lagardera, food critic, Manu Yarza chef of the Yarza restaurant, María José Martínez chef of the Michelin-starred Lienzo Restaurant, Edu Espejo chef of the Flama restaurant and Carolina Álvarez head chef of the three Michelin-starred Quique Dacosta restaurant. In addition to the winners, the jury gave a special mention to the savoury dishes presented by La Xerna del Mar, from Dénia, and El Racó de l’Arnau, from Valencia: and in the desserts to Arrels Racó Gastronómic, from Gata de Gorgos, and Félix Chaqués, from Valencia.