IV Edition of the Citrus Gastronomic Contest

The City Council of Palmera (La Safor), in collaboration with Fundación Todolí Citrus, has called for another year the Citrus Gastronomic Contest, which is now in its 4th edition. It will take place on Monday, 11th of March 2024 from 10am in front of the Social Center Bar located in Palmera, Valencia.

The competition is aimed at professional chefs, and its main objective is to promote the use of the wide range of existing citrus varieties. This year’s competition theme is related to citrus fruits from the Botanical Orchard El Bartolí as significant elements in the preparation of dishes and their insertion in the tradicional and avant-garde cuisine of the Valencian Community.

There will be two rounds of presentation of each modality for the participants. First, the open dish will be presented at 11:30 for the first shift, and at 12:00 for the second shift. Secondly, the desserts will be presented at 12:30 for the first shift, and at 13:00 for the second. The contest seeks that professional chefs prepare creative dishes for the latter tasting and public evaluation.


Interested cooks must apply for participation by filling out the application form for the IV Citrus Gastronomic Contest available on the website www.palmera.es and send it by e-mail, along with the receipt of the bank transfer for the participation fee, to the Organizing Committee at the following address: concurscitricspalmera@gmail.com. The last day for registrations will be the 4th of March, 2024, at 00.00h 

An outstanding jury

Vicente Todolí, Fundació Todolí Citrus
Manu Yarza, head chef at Yarza restaurant
María José Martínez ,head chef at Lienzo
Juan Lagardera, gastronomic critic and editor of Almanaque Gastronómico CV.
Edu Espejo, head chef at Flama
Carolina Álvarez, head chef at Quique Dacosta
Ricard Camarena, with 2 Michelin Stars.

«The jury will rate the dishes based on criteria of impartiality, objectivity and full equality of all participants. The final rating of each dish will be the result of averaging the ratings offered by each member of the jury».