Todolí Citrus Fundació has received a grant from Diputació de València for the installation of an aviary.

The Foundation submitted a project to the program of Nominative Grants of the Presidency of the Diputació de València, which was selected and funded with an amount of 37,550.50 €. The project includes the installation of an aviary for songbirds in one of the plots of our Citrus Collection. The aviary has been designed by the German artist Carsten Höller, who has donated it to the Foundation in recognition of the work of its founder and president, Vicente Todolí, in protecting the environment and the biodiversity of Citrus. In fact, the design is inspired by citrus fruits themselves, as it represents an orange. The work will be carried out by the architect Carlos Salazar.

The aviary will house different species of songbirds that have been traditionally linked to the Valencian citrus groves, which have been disappearing due to the use of herbicides and insecticides in intensive agriculture. The species that will be bred in the aviary will be the European Serin (Serinus serinus), the Common Linnet (Linaria cannabina), the European Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis), the European Robin (Erithacus rubecula), the Common Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) or the European Greenfinch (Chloris chloris).

The grant from the Diputació de València will finance the project and allow visitors to the Foundation to enjoy the song and the presence of these magnificent birds.