Todolí Citrus Fundació has participated in the Climavore 2023 assembly that took place in Rome. A meeting of farmers, cultural organizations, artists, museums, activists, chefs and legislators in search of a rapprochement between Culture and Agriculture.

Climavore was born in 2015 out of the minds of the artistic project Cooking Sections, with the main objective of questioning how we humans feed ourselves on a planet threatened by climate change, and how our food has an impact on that threat. Their first actions were aimed at putting farmers in contact with canteens and museum restaurants, to create menus based on local products, produced with sustainable farming techniques and with a lower impact on the environment. This approach has been extended to numerous international projects that recover regenerative agriculture as opposed to the industrial model, in which, through artistic or cultural initiatives, all actors in the food chain are made aware of the need to move away from intensive monoculture models towards other production models that do not harm the planet or ourselves.

 As the World Agricultural Heritage Forum asserts, we live on a planet where, although probably hard to believe for us, smallholding, family farm-scale, agro-pastoral, forest and fisheries systems that have survived the test of time and “progress” are still the basis of food security and the livelihoods of most of the world’s farmers. This affirmation confirms that, even today, there is still the possibility of turning towards other production models in which biodiversity and connection with the natural environment are prioritized.

At Todolí Citrus, the connection between Agriculture and Culture is part of our essence, and we know that what unites these two worlds is the Culture of Food, so we advocate models that integrate these fundamental aspects of humanity, in order to regenerate production systems based on respect for the natural environment on which they are sustained and for the producers themselves.